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Josh Hall



A board so rarely made it doesn't even have a proper name :-)

Like the Eagle, and the actual Fish Simmons the roots to this board's design run back to the early ’90s when Skip Frye first got jazzed on tapping into ancient Hawaiian trim. The Fish Simmons is a modified version of the original Eagle. The Eagle being a long long fish 10'-12'

During Skip’s discovery and experimentation period of these big boards he rediscovered some of Bob Simmons design principles and applied them. Its key characteristics are the 10” tail block with a swallow tail outline, as well as the Simmons influenced concave bottom and shallow belly roll entry.

The F,S,Q,D commands a lot of respectas it's super charged fast!!!

6'10" x 22" x 2 7/8" tapered hardwood stringer Hand shaped by Josh & laminated at Blend Glassing.

GLASSING SCHEDULE: 6 oz. + 6 oz. deck, 6 oz. bottom.

ROCKER: Neutral.

RAIL: Softer and forgiving up front, hard in the tail.

BOTTOM CONTOURS: Single to huge double barrel concave ending just before the end of the fin placement, then flat off the tail.

TYPE OF WAVES: Optimal in chest to slightly overhead & away from the crowds, you're gonna fly baby!!!