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Longboard Fins

When you have a longboard, you are no longer confined to a skatepark. You can push the boundaries and make the world your stadium.

The Board Barn is a popular seller of longboards in Croyde, offering a variety of boards and wheel-types to choose from.

For those who have been using a skateboard for a while and looking for something similar yet better, a longboard is a perfect fit. A longboard is a type of skateboard which is designed for a smooth, surfy ride downhill, on the streets or in the park near you.

Longboards are more stable than skateboards, offer better speed downhill as well as on flat surface and give you a surfing-like experience without more frequent paddling, unlike skateboarding.

The Board Barn provides longboards that meet your purpose and lies within your budget. Our longboards are highly durable, and feature an attractive design that makes you look more stylish while riding or doing tricks.

Browse through our range of longboards to choose the one that suits your taste and budget.