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Great Set up, you could only improve by adding a Cressi Wetsuit, your choice?
Kit Comprises of;
Cressi Comache 75 Gun, Lovely gun with excellent hitting power
Cressi Gara Pro LD Fins, excellent propulsion and dive with little effort or fatigue
Cressi Ochio Plus Mask & Snorkel, excellent clarity and fit with angled lens to prevent glare
Beaver Barracuda Knife, excellent for despatching and cleaning your catch with a great rustproof finish.
Cressi Fish bag for your catch
Cressi Weight Belt ( weights sold separately, call for info, on average 4-6kg is needed.
Cressi Safety Marker Float, lets Boats and other Water craft know you are there.

If you wish to comprise a kit using other items call Guy and he will get a package together for you.
By committing to buy this item you are confirming that you are OVER 18 years of age.