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The Cressi Apnea Suit is a 2 piece open cell suit sold at an affordable price, it includes a hooded 5mm jacket and 5mm pants. With it being double lined neoprene and an open cell inner, this suit is perfect for summer or winter diving. With super skin seals around the ankles, wrists and the neck you can wear this suit for hours and not feel a thing, even in the coldest of UK waters. This particular suit is well priced and great for not only beginners but also the advanced diver. Open cell inner is the most commonly used by spearfishermen and freedivers, the open cell rubber forms a suction effect against the skin which stops water from getting in, allowing you to stay warmer for longer. Due to the fact that when spearfishing or freediving you could be in the water up to 7 hours in a session, this suit is a perfect pick. The wetsuit includes a 3mm non slip loading pad for chest loading spearguns and padded knees and elbow pads for protection. In summer, you can take the hooded jacket off and wear the pants by themselves.
These suits are 5mm ALL OVER, so warmth will not be an issue while fishing.

SEE CRESSI SIZE CHART, but as a rule of thumb, if you are a Large T the Large Suit, Medium T, Medium Suit.