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TOKYO 9' 6" LOG+


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TOKYO 9' 6" LOG+ WHY LOG+?, well, this board was designed to go in anything from a foot, to WAYYYYY over that, where as most trad flat rockered logs can go to say head high, this one has a little more nose and tail lift allowing you to take it to the next level and to give you that bit more versatility, features a subtle nose concave to rolled v bottom, I had one of these made for myself, sadly a buddy came in and harassed me till I sold it to him :-/ any way, I still got a go, and yes, it deserves the +, un-real, loose off the tail, still paddles super easy and wayyy more versatile than yer average single fin log.

DIMS: 9' 6 x 23 1/8 x 3 1/8" ( But remember, we can custom order any dims/colour/finish for you )
Oh, and check out the tint, SICK.