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TOKYO NINE ONE Longboard, the absolute pinnacle of Performance Longboards, Performance Longboard is a bit of an unfair description really, cos although yes, they are Fast, Loose and will win trophies in any comp under the right feet, these boards are more " Versatile ", Easy to paddle and will turn with minimal effort from the rider, will go in anything from 1' to whatever you have the courage to take it out in.
TOKYO NINE ONE's are manufactured here in the UK.

Wood Stringers and are glassed to last with Hexel 571 Glass 6/4/6.

As with all TOKYO Boards our team have extensively tested them both here and abroad, they work.

Because they are made here in the UK we can custom manufacture any TOKYO to suite you,
we can do any colour or resin tint with a choice of finishes, talk to our team for help.

Pictured is team rider Sean Facey's board.