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A comfortable hybrid with oar and performance that allows you to go fast and put big curves in small to medium conditions.
This board can be surfed short for intermediates and will remain accessible and easy thanks to its volume on the front to allow a good oar.
A perfect board for surfing in small summer waves, a real wave vacuum cleaner.

Outline: Fairly generous volume at the front for easy paddling and to take maximum waves.

Rocker: Medium to generate maximum speed, pass the soft sections while allowing to surf more hollow waves.

Concave: Single concave in the middle with double concave at the level of the fins to provide drive and maneuverability.

Tail: Diamond squash to provide support on powerful waves and a cool look.

Rails: Fairly round on the front 2/3 and pinched at the rear to bring more grip in the wave and allow spinning on the soft sections.

6' 6 x 22' 0 x 2' 3/4" 49 L