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These Free Ride Wheels


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Based out of Santa Barbara, California, These is a longboard company created by Skate One Corporation in 1976. These produces one of the finest, most innovative longboard wheel brands in the industry, and has tweaked its wheel formula to suit any type of skating terrain. Known as UHR Energy Core™, These’s formula is made from very hard and hot casted polyurethane, which chemically bonds to a wheel’s material. The formula spreads across the surface of each wheel, providing an even coat. These’s core formula makes their wheels faster than any other brand since they’re not made from a traditional nylon or delrin urethane. Long-lasting and ideal for sliding, These skateboards wheels are one of the best wheels on the market! These has several models to choose from, depending on your skating needs: ATF (All Terrain Formula), FRF (Free Ride Formula), and KRF (Kevin Reimer Formula). They also feature a wheel code number ranging from the 300s to the 700s. Lower codes allow more slide, while higher codes provide added grip. These wheels are available in a variety of bright colors and graphics to match your skateboard deck and trucks. Want to dress like a skater? Get into the mindset by sporting These skateboard t-shirts. Their graphic tees are great to wear for all occasions! Get crazy with These skateboard stickers. You can stick them on your skateboard deck, car, notebook, and more!

When it comes to skateboarding, you have to try out These wheels! With a long history and loyal fanbase, you can't go wrong with These!

We believe this to be the last set in their origonal packaging in the UK