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The Board Barn offers a wide range of equipment, accessories and apparel for water sports, such as Surfing, Snorkeling, Spearfishing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and more. We are a surf shop based out of Braunton, Devon, that offers new and used surfboards at attractive prices, in a variety of colours to choose from.

Our collection of branded surfboards and accessories caters for beginners and professional surfers alike. Available in different sizes: whether you need a surfboard to start with or upgrade as you level up your skills, we recommend the right option at the right price.

​When it comes to used surfboards in the UK, The Board Barn guarantees attractive deals as well as well-maintained surfboards to give you value for money and an amazing surfing experience.

​If you are buying for the first time, consider taking advice from one of our experts so that your first purchase does not land in vain. Best price and UK-wide shipping available.

Because surfboards are built to last and retain their value even after years of use, a used surfboard happens to be a great choice for beginners. After you learn to ride the waves, you can upgrade to a newer, better board and do away with the older one by exchanging it at The Board Barn and reduce the impact of the new purchase on your pocket.

The Board Barn is a surf shop in Croyde that offers everything you need to fully enjoy surfing and other beach activities. We have a range of wetsuits for all seasons to keep you dry and comfortable and provide protection against UV rays all day long.

Plus, we offer various accessories to make your surfing experience all the more exciting. For instance, with our ergonomically designed GoPro Wrist Housing, you can record your stunning surfing moments and share on Social Media to make people go crazy about you.

We also cater to skaters, and can give you the right longboard for cruising the streets and gyrating the broadwalk. We offer Pin Tail skateboards and many other popular designs you would love to ride and show off at the same time. We also provide spare boards and wheels at the best price.

Choose from the best Surfboards UK has to offer - the epoxy and PU surfboard constructions are durable and provide a firm grip under  your feet so that not only can you ride the waves but also perform tricks like Cross Step and Nose Ride confidently

We provide longboards for beginners as well as skilled surfers, and there's a choice of brands, patterns and colours to suit your taste and preference. We aim to give you a surfboard you will feel comfortable and proud to carry to the beach.