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Bic / S I C Ace-Tec Noserider Longboard surfboard 9' 4"




Bullet proof nose rider, don't under estimate the Ace Tech longboards, they surf great and anyone that tells you different hasn't actually ridden one in a while. 

Drop it, drag it, crash it, throw it in the back of a van, throw it in the really doesn't matter, this is the perfect board for a holiday maker, occasional logger or guest house owner.

We use Bic's in our rental fleet & they take season after season of neglect & abuse. 

Bic Ace-Tec Noserider Longboard surfboard 9ft 4inch
The Bic 9ft 4 Noserider surfboard from the incredible Ace-Tec collection of boards.

This classic Noserider shape was designed by Darrell "Rooster" Dell and does what it says on the tin. Glide, trim and get some toes over the nose, the Noserider loves the old-school style of longboarding and would expecially suit the mid to larger built rider.

With 78 litres of volume, the 9ft 4 catches waves with ease and is super-stable on take-off.

Cruising and gliding is what the Noserider does best, but under more experienced feet the board goes from rail to rail with ease.

If you're looking for a full size classic longboard but don't £1000 to lavish on some glossy resin tint, then the Bic 9ft 4 is a great option. For the larger rider (up to 105 kg) the Noserider offers a bouyant and stable platform for you to hone your surfing skills.

BIC Sport's now branded as SIC ACE-TEC (Epoxy Composite) construction produces a board that is approximately 30% more durable than a regular polyester (glassfibre) surfboard, while being almost identical with regard to stiffness and weight. To accommodate the needs of more experienced surfers, the ACE-TEC surfboards provide shapes that not only suit the intermediate surfer, but also experienced riders who know how to ride a surfboard.