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Spearfishing Equipment Shop

If underwater is your happy place, then spearfishing is likely to be your favourite water activity. Spearfishing is more than merely catching the fish. It's a lifestyle that is not inherited but earned.

Whether you are taking a dive for spearfishing for the first time or have done it a hundred times before, the importance of quality equipment and gear should never be ignored. For all the spearfishing enthusiasts out there, The Board Barn has everything that is needed for a safe and exciting experience.

We offer the following spearfishing equipment in the UK – all of which are authentic and competitively priced.



It's a fishing implement that works efficiently underwater and hits the target right where you want. When you try to take a shot at the fish underwater, you need a powerful speargun that outperforms the agility of the fish. Keeping that in mind, we provide spearguns which are known for their speed and stability and are widely recommended by professionals.


The wetsuits that we provide are specifically designed to fit all body types and sizes. Offered Wetsuits allow for easy movement underwater and act as a shield to keep the wearer from getting frozen. A wetsuit keeps you dry and warm even when the water is freezing cold.

Masks & Snorkels

We offer professional-grade masks & snorkels to improve your visibility and breathing ability underwater.


Fins can help you descent into the depths and ascent to the surface quickly and with ease. Fins are an essential gear for Spearfishing enthusiasts, as they provide desired agility underwater.


There are several other accessories available at The Board Barn to make your spearfishing experience safe and memorable.

Ours is the most trusted Spearfishing Equipment Shop in the UK, that has been selling quality equipment since 2010, at highly competitive prices, to beginners as well as professionals.