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Futures Blackstix 3.0 5 fin set




Futures Fins Blackstix 3.0 EA Surfboard Fins (5 fin Tri_quad Set)
Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)

Tha fastest fins on the planet! Ride rating 9.8!

The EA Blackstix has a springy flex pattern and the V2 foil is designed to build speed and drive in smaller waves. This template is well balanced with a medium tip, making the EA Blackstix one of Futures most popular fins for medium sized surfers in softer conditions. Set of 3 thrusters and 4.0 Quad Rear Fins so you can switch between thruster and a quad setup.
HEIGHT: 4.57"
BASE: 4.40"
area: 15.16"

HEIGHT: 4.57"
BASE: 4.40"
AREA: 15.16"
Quad Rears:
Area: 11.67" Sq
Height: 4.05"
Base: 3.87"
Foil: 50/50