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Gordon And Smith G&S Warptail 11 re issue deck / can be made complete




G&S (Gordon and Smith)
"Warptail 2"
7.25" x 28.5"
Iconic Reissue
Custom Cut Sparkly Griptape.


Reissue of the G&S "Warptail 2" deck, originally released in 1977(ish).  This was the update of the ultra popular, solid wood, Stacy Peralta "Warptail" pro board.  The Warptail II was made in "modern" ply which was lots stronger and lighter...Stacy's 2nd pro model.

This reissue is just like the original Warp 2 except the sticker on the top doesn't have Stacy's signature on it...back in the 70s the later versions of this deck also came without his name on them as he'd left to join George Powell by then.

This is just like the original in size, shape, burnt in G&S logo, wheelwells and specs. but importantly the griptape job is just as back in the day too.  It is the "proper" type of griptape- the really thick sparkly grip that came on Alva, Z-Flex and G&S boards back in the 70s...wish we could buy this stuff today, we'd sell rolls of it!

The only differences are the ply is now better quality.  It is even drilled for old hole trucks so you can fit your old 70s/80s ones to it.

Get one now for the wall or to ride set up with Penny trucks & wheels for that true 70's vibe.

If you'd like this set up drop us a line & we'll fit the trucks properly, they are just tacked on for display purposes currently.

Deck £89.99

Complete £149.99 (wheels, bearings & trucks retail £77.98)


100% Canadian Maple
Made in USA
7 ply
Flat (no concave)
Single Kick Profile
Wheel wells
28.5" x 7.25"
nose 3.25" (flat)
Tail 5" (kicked)
Wheel base 15.5"
Drilled for old hole pattern trucks
inc. die-cut Sparkly griptape
width over front truck : 6.25"
width over rear truck : 6.25"

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