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Tahe 7'6" Mini Nose Rider formerly Bic & Oxbow



Bic are now sharing their technology with the Tahe brand, we will be stocking Tahe going forward. The platform is exactly the same so you are still getting that amazing durability.

The DURA-TEC 7’6 Mini Nose Rider is perfect for enjoying the fun nose-riding capability of a longboard, while still being as maneuverable as an EGG board.

Shaped by the legend Gérard Dabbadie from Hossegor, France, this board features a wide nose section, tight rocker profile and concave, and a beveled hull design for easy nose riding; combined with a wide rear section and pronounced V-Shape on the bottom giving the board excellent handling in radical turns and tight carves on the face of the wave. With almost the same volume as a genuine long-board,
the board is accessible for all skill levels.


EXCLUSIVE DURA-TEC CONSTRUCTIONFor extreme durability, excellent value for money and worry-free reliability

EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEYAnd worry-free reliability.

PROVEN SHAPESBy legendary shapers Gerard DABBADIE and Peter PAN for riders of all sizes

CLOSED CELL PU INNER COREFor structural integrity and board stiffness

BUILT-IN NOSE GUARDTo enhance product lifetime

FCS FINSCome standard with every board

100% MADE IN FRANCEConsistency and quality construction