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Vernon Gopher 6-8



A perfect board in small and medium waves. It is a board with volume but which remains aggressive and offers drive when the waves grow. 

Outline: Generous enough volume at the front for an easy paddle and to take maximum waves.

Rocker: Light to medium to generate maximum speed, pass the soft sections while allowing to surf more hollow waves.

Concave: Single concave in the middle with double concave at the level of the fins to provide drive and maneuverability.

Tail: Pintail to bring drive on powerful waves.

Rails: Quite fine then pinched at the back to bring more bite into the wave and allow spinning on the soft sections.

Construction: Polyurethane foam bar with polyester resin to provide reactivity and solidity.

6' 8 x 21' 3/4" x 2' 3/4" 44 L